3D Slab model, with new interseismic locking and coseismic slip

As a part of a postdoctoral position at Georgia Tech, Dr. Christos Kyriakopoulos was successful in both deriving a new structural model for the subduction zone interface along the Middle America Trench, and then using that geometry to better contrain the megathrust interface behavoir below Nicoya [Kyriakopoulos et al., JGR, 2015; and Kyriakopoulos and Newman, JGR, 2016]. 

Above figure shows the new slab geometry along with subduction features and isocrhons (in Ma) published in Kyriakopoulos et al. [2015].

Above is a figure from Kyriakopoulos and Newman [2016] showing the 3D coseismic slip model with data and model fits.  Also shown in the upper-right panel, is the 50+% locking zone from the 3D model (white contour).  Further details of this image are described in tha caption for figure 7 in the paper.